Dirty Deedz Cleaning strives for reliability, professionalism and consistency.  Dirty Deedz Cleaning's vision of quality customer satisfaction is that all cleanings will be done like the customer’s very first cleaning.  All customers will be treated with the utmost respect and honesty. Dirty Deedz Cleaning managers and staff will always use direct eye contact with all customers and give them our full attention. All cleanings done by Dirty Deedz Cleaning will have a task completed sheet, this can and will be made available for all customers. Dirty Deedz Cleaning will have appointments made for ½ hour increments, to allow for unforeseen delays, this will show consistency and reliability for our customers. Dirty Deedz Cleaning will promote benefits such as reducing sick leaves by sanitizing surfaces in homes, offices and work places.  We beleive maintaining an image of professionalism is important to cater to the customers’ desire for peace of mind and freedom with a great consistency.

Dirty Deedz Cleaning policies are as follows: